About Us


When you’re sent off to college, you’re thrown into a situation unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. You are in charge of your meals, your schedule, getting to sleep and waking up on time, and are met with stress levels you aren’t quite sure how to manage. This can lead to a variety of problems if you’re not well prepared, including gaining weight, having breakdowns, and not doing as well in your studies as you had hoped.

We help you to overcome these problems by addressing a number of topics that contribute to your health and wellbeing. When you master your stress, find ways to eat health, and get the sleep you need, you can succeed in school.

Throughout this website, you will find various blog posts and articles that relate to the following topics:

  • What do eat in the dining hall
  • Healthy snacks you can make in your dorm room
  • Alternatives to microwave meals
  • How to manage your stress and do well in school
  • Tips for getting better sleep
  • And more!

It is very easy to get overwhelmed when in college, but if you know how to take control and pay attention to your health, you can succeed without risking your wellbeing. The goal of this website is to help you find the path to health success. When you succeed in being healthy, you will have an easier time succeeding in school.

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