Staying healthy in college is challenging. You’ll be forced to stay up late to finish assignments, wake up early to attend class, and when you’re living in a dorm, eating healthy meals can be difficult. When you’re worried about passing your classes and keeping up with your activities, finding the time to hit the gym or eat a good meal can quickly get brushed to the side.

Your health is incredibly important, especially when you’re in college. With sharing a room with a stranger, using a communal bathroom with an entire floor, and exposed to the dining all instead of your parent’s kitchen, your immune system is given a challenge. There are germs everywhere, and if you’re not taking control of your health, they can quickly get you sick, keep you from attending your classes, and make you put on the “Freshman 15.”

We know that taking care of your health while in college may seem like it isn’t a priority. You have so many other things to worry about, and when you’re faced with going to the gym or the library, the library can seem much more important. But you shouldn’t need to choose between your health and your education.

We’re here to help prove to you that you can maintain and even improve your health while you’re in college without jeopardizing your classes, time in the library, or grades. Here are just some of the topics we talk about:


Food and Dining

One of the biggest challenges individuals have when going off to college is getting proper nutrients from their meals. For many, it’s the first time they’re forced to cook their own meals and grocery shop for themselves. It is also a time when many students do not have access to a full kitchen.

Individuals who live in a dorm are usually only given access to a mini fridge and microwave and will usually be given meal passes to their schools dining hall. While this ensures the student doesn’t go hungry, it also leaves them to eat microwaved dinners, fast food meals, and whatever is presented to them by the school.

We help our readers work within their boundaries to get the meals they need. From understanding the best options at the dining hall to healthy snacks that can be made in their dorm room, we help our readers make the best choices available to them.

Stress Management

Another huge component of staying healthy in college is understanding how to manage stress that comes with attending a university. You’re given a demanding schedule full of difficult classes and activities that require just as much commitment. When you begin to feel overwhelmed and worn thin, your health can decrease dramatically.

We offer stress management tips that allow our readers to better prioritize their schedules, get their work completed, and find the time to relax and care for their bodies. While eating right and exercising is extremely important to our health and wellbeing, it is just as important to allow our bodies to rest and get enough sleep.

There are a number of things college students can do to stay healthy and we have created this website to outline those many changes and strategies. You have enough to worry about when you’re in college, don’t let being unhealthy be one of them.

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